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All about Yutoyama, this tumblog is dedicated to Hey!Say!JUMP's Nakajima Yuto and Yamada Ryosuke. By following this blog, you hereby admitting these two are legit combi.
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Yuto hugging Yamada during Asu e no YELL || [x]

Yuto hugging Yamada during Asu e no YELL || [x]

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Popolo November 2014
[Gratitude letter to members]
- Yamada: (to Yuto) An existence that gives me motivation/stimulus. Because Yuto aims high, I will too!
- Yuto: (to Yamada) Yama-chan, who will always care about me.
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SMART Live Tour: Shizuoka 2014.09.20
  • [1st show] SUPER DELICATE - Yuto touched Yamada’s nose with his index finger → Yamada touched Yuto’s jaw → Yuto touched Yamada’s nose again → Yamada touched Yuto’s jaw with his hand and tapped on it → just like what Naoya did to Nagisa in Suikyuu Yankees, Yuto grasped Yamada’s cheeks while he closed their face distance trying to land a kiss on Yamada’s lips → Yamada bent back his body and avoided Yuto’s kiss while laughing → both of them moved apart from each other while laughing
  • [1st show] MC, talk about Jigoku Sensei Nube drama - Yamada: “can I talk about youkais?” → Yuto: “then we’ll go change our clothes first while you’re at it” → Yamada immediately snapped back “nandeyanen!?”
  • [1st show] They mentioned about the movie Grasshopper, and Yamada said that his name was Semi (note: which means cicada in japanese) and Yuto noisily made the sound of cicadas. In the end he got shot by Yamada, “even if my name is Semi, I wouldn’t call out like that”
  • [2nd show] SUPER DELICATE - Yuto grasped Yamada’s head tightly from the back → Yuto trailed a kiss from Yamada’s ear until his cheeks → after that Yamada ran away to the back while laughing embarrassed
  • [2nd show] Asu e no YELL (main performance) - Yamada imitated Yuto’s falsetto (aa~) solo part → Yuto approached Yamada and sang his line while hugging Yamada from the back → lastly, Yuto poked Yamada’s cheeks
  • [2nd show] Ready Go! - Yuto did air guitar, then Yuto who saw Yamada burst out laughing seeing him laughed as well
  • [2nd show] advertising Ansatsu Kyoushitsu - Yamada: “the role of Shiota Nagisa…” → Yuto: “Nagisa…!!” (immediately reacted at the name)
  • [2nd show] MC - Yamada messed up his words, he couldn’t say ‘rubriks cube’ properly, “nankarubi… rubikku… whatever!” → “doushitan dechuka~?” Yuto approached Yamada and teased him with baby tone

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Anonymous asked : Hi, I'm the anon who made the confession. I'm so sorry, I didn't expect my confession to stir such negative emotions in fellow fans. I just meant that because they made comments during RnM interviews saying that they're all "lovey-dovey" and they're like best friends then, but later contradicted that and confessed that "they hated each other until now". So it was really confusing trying to understand what exactly was happening at that time. Don't worry, I love both of them and their friendship.

hello there anon. don’t worry about it dearie. i wouldn’t say that it’s negative? it’s more on coming out with our own opinions and trying to understand their lives with what little information about them we have. all of us have our own opinions and we are allowed to have them.

the confession of “i actually hated you” “me too” by yamada and yuto respectively was more on a, in my opinion, visiting the past and acknowledging the negative emotions they have of each other, which kind of faded, but not totally as they grew before they just came out to each other clean. i would say that they had used the past tense of “i hated you” so it’s not there anymore. i would think of it personally as a too-intense-rivalry-and-they-dont-know-how-to-face-each-other kind of issue?

my own analysis are with the different asks that came about, and i hope it made you understand maybe a little more about how their dynamics are during that period of time? 

don’t worry, i think the fandom needs more discussion like this. it’s a good way to put out everything and look back again and try to analyse without being bias. don’t feel bad about your confession dear. i’m sure the others was just a little uncomfortable which is why they asked for opinions about the subject.

/sends you hugs/

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Anonymous asked : without getting analytical about it, because you've done that really well, as someone who has been a big fan of each boy separately as well as their relationship since their junior days trust me when i say that you can honestly just tell how genuine their friendship is now compared to what it was in the time of/after DCT.

here’s to the anons and the rest who needs more support! \o/

and thank you anon, i’m glad that the analysis made sense ;w;

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Anonymous asked : Regarding the last post about Yutoyama friendship, I think the anon was referring to the confession specifically talking about their friendship shown during RnM. I wasn't a fan then so I can't say, but knowing that they have only made up recently, I would think that if they had talked about themselves as being close friends (during RnM) it would have been for fanservice as well. What do you think about this?

hello there. I’ve just taken a look at the said-confession and i do think i have quite a lot of opinions to refute it (well, and other evidences i guess but let’s see if i have the time to link everything in this reply).

so regarding how they said they only made up recently and their behaviours during RnM (promotions, making etc). like i mentioned previously, both of them had very intense rivalry, and according to magazine interviews (yuto’s 10,000 part 1 & 2 and yamada’s 10,000) we can see how strong that is. I will be mainly using these two articles to discuss this.

through yamada’s perspective, yuto has always been the rival that he cannot overcome. even if he’s the center of hsj right now, he has mentioned multiple times how he still feels that he wouldn’t be able to win against yuto (mentioning about how yuto’s multi-talented etc). as for yuto, it’s a new perspective through the 10,000 interview since we had the idea that yuto is generally just a sweet nice boy, so it gives a really different side to our opinion. we can see how he’s actually bitter, but got through it. I can’t find any translation, but it’s also mentioned in yamada’s 10,000 interview, there was an issue of myojo, and in yamada’s shinku corner he talks about his solo debut. he felt at ease when yuto replied his message.

next, solely referring to yamada’s 10,000 interview, if you could see the last part of it, he mentioned “This is the first time I mention this but, at that time I still had a bit of a wall left over with Yuto …” so he pretty much confirms how there is still that piece of wall between them, but it was mostly gone. this generally shows how their interactions during RnM period was mostly through their own and not just solely on fanservice. 

imo, if you’d want to see how they give fanservice, try sourcing for 2009-2010 magazine scans where everything between them was awkward.

also i dont see any translation (i will link if i can, but this is the one i’m referring to) for the Wink Up special interview, both of them mentioned that they would’ve rejected the offer for such a crosstalk at the time where their rivalry was at its peak (which i will assume it starts to build up from 2008 according to yuto’s 10,000 interview, and probably got better to 2010 or mid 2011, they got around their feelings of rivalry and stuff). 

i wouldn’t say that they don’t do fanservice. in fact i do believe they do. we are talking about yuto and yamada who gets joy from screaming fans when they do their SD routine, so yes. 

in not a shipper perspective, i really think their friendship shouldn’t be doubted and it’s a really health rival/friendship they are having right now. 

i do hope i managed to answer your question about their relationship during RnM uwu

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