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Anonymous asked : can you share your pov/opinion about Yamada and Yuto's relationship? there's a confession that irks me saying their relationship and friendship is just for fanservice, it's really upsetting

disclaimer: this is solely the opinion of myself. we may or may not agree on certain things but this is my take on them (riko here)

come over here dear, don’t be irked at such confessions. i wouldn’t go as far as saying the comment is by butthurt fans, but i honestly do think that their friendship is true and going strong. 

i’m going to talk about just their friendship because shipping is another thing. and as nice fans in the same fandom, i really do hope that this will clear up some issues (hopefully). okay as neutral as possible, they are really good friends.

my take on their friendship is due to the recent revelation that they confronted each other when everyone in 7 was legal for alcohol. this is dubbed the 7’s gathering and seeing how Chinen only turns 20 at November last year, I will assume that it’s somewhere during December 2013 or after that. during the gathering, yamada had told yuto that he wants to have a serious talk and come clean about their friendship because there was apparently still a wall between them. and he just outright said that he hated yuto. and yuto just replies that he hated yamada too (and chinen and keito were just shocked). before this happened, there was a very strong tension between them due to their rivalry. it was really bad that they stopped talking (it started from Dreams Come True when Yamada was a center, and it probably got worst during the 2009 - 2010 period where they literally didnt interact at all). yabu had also commented before (pretty sure you can find the translation in this tumblog) that both of them did approach him for advice individually about their relationship. and if my memory doesn’t fail me, daiki said that there was literally a wall between them. from what i see, since i was in the fandom from 2009 until now, i can see how their relationship with each other got better from the end of 2011 where they were working together for Risou no Musuko. so after the 7’s gathering, they pretty much bared their soul to each other and became more open with each other. both of them also mentioned how they can now honestly say that they are each other’s best friend after that. on top of that, yamada insisted that he’s graduating from calling yuto by ‘yuto-kun’ and going to call him by ‘yuto/yutti’. this is a great step for yamada who said that ‘calling yuto-kun ‘yuto-kun’ is like brushing my teeth’, and yuto is just happy that yamada calls him by ‘yuto’. 

i would really say that their friendship is real because of different reports. like in wink up 09, yuto stayed over at yamada’s house and yamada ended up carrying him princess style to the futon even if he can just leave yuto sleeping there. or when 7 went to hakone’s hotspring together. yamada (and chinen) were concerned about yuto’s filming and him being tired so they discussed about where would it be convenient for yuto to drive to and somewhere for him to relax. 

and the atmosphere between them is more relaxed now compared to when they had this senpai/kouhai aura between them. like yamada can properly tease yuto now and say things he normally wouldn’t say back then, and vice versa. 

i really hope this answers your question anon. and chin up dear, we can be sure that the friendship of hsj in general is real. shipping is another thing, but never doubt their friendship. 

remember: taipi said that once you put hsj together, they just go gather together and start being clingy to each other. and their shoot hasn’t even started. 

another point: never forget that hsj eats together even if they have different dressing rooms. they will all squeeze together and eat together during tours.

so never doubt yuto and yamada’s friendship dear. i hope you feel better right now 

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